Lignum Tech (Vía Ágora) opens a new factory for industrialized bathrooms — idealista/news

2022-06-22 05:49:23 By : Mr. peter lin

Lignum Tech begins to build industrialized bathrooms, completing its offer of industrialized construction systems for new construction and rehabilitation.The company, belonging to the Vía Ágora Corporation, thus increases its offer of systems that are added to the ventilated wooden facades, overhangs and industrialized stairs.The second factory that Lignum Tech opens in Cuenca, located in the SEPES industrial estate, just 400 meters from the facade industrial plant, has a surface area of ​​1,500 m2, will produce 2,500 toilets per year in one shift and will employ 26 workers.What is exceptional about the new Lignum Tech factory is that it will employ only women, responding to the company's vocation to facilitate the incorporation of these professionals into the construction process.“With our new factory we value the knowledge of the team that has been developing industrialized bathrooms since 2014, delivering more than 4,000 in an earlier stage.Through the implementation of the systems available in the Lignum Tech catalog we are able to provide a comprehensive solution for each type of building, providing it with excellent qualities, reducing deadlines and increasing cost reliability.In addition, we continue to promote sustainability and attract talent to the construction sector”, says the president of Lignum Tech, Juan Antonio Gómez-Pintado.Via Ágora has launched, through the Gómez-Pintado Foundation, its new project Las Mujeres Construyen, with the aim of facilitating the incorporation of women into the construction process of the real estate sector, in accordance with the fulfillment of the Development Objectives Sustainable, specifically SDG 5 (gender equality).The real estate sector has traditionally had little female presence.Now, thanks to industrialization and the introduction of new technologies, it has the ability to offer unique opportunities to women so that they can develop a professional career in the industry.Vía Ágora reinforces its new business.The company, which last December launched Rehabiterm, a new refurbishment agent whose objective is to process refurbishment actions in homes, has just opened its first street-level office in Madrid.According to the group, the next steps are to open more offices in the capital and enter other markets, such as Barcelona, ​​Valencia or Malaga.The Council of Ministers will hold an extraordinary meeting on June 25 to approve the new decree against the economic consequences of the war in Ukraine, as explained by the Government spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez.The anti-crisis plan contemplates measures such as the 2% limit on the increase in rents in the annual renewal of rental contracts, the reduction in fuel prices, the increase in the beneficiaries of the electricity bonus or the increase in the Minimum Vital Income.Changes are expected with respect to the decree approved in March, although it is not confirmed if there will be new measures.Neinor Homes has started preliminary talks with different potential investors to explore strategic options in relation to its rental platform Neinor Rental, made up of a portfolio of more than 3,000 rental homes already delivered or under construction. On this new occasion, the company He clarified that no decision had yet been taken in this regard and that there was no certainty that these agreements would be adopted, but confirmed the negotiations.The heat has already reached our homes and that summer has not yet entered.If the remedies to cool your home naturally are not enough and you do not have air conditioning, all you have to do is take a look online to find the best models of portable air conditioners on sale on Amazon (also ideal for second homes).Establishing which is the best portable air conditioner in history is not easy, also because a lot depends on the needs and the use made of it.However, the Fivangin portable air conditioner for its value for money is one of the best options on Amazon.It costs only 52.99 euros and has a great design, LED lights and is multifunctional.A lot of shopping center for so few inhabitants in Spain.This is one of the conclusions drawn from The Retail Property Telescope report, prepared by the consulting firm EY.The study reveals that the sum of the area of ​​shopping centers, shopping parks, leisure centers and other retail assets in Spain, reach 16.5 million m2, which means that the commercial density in Spain is 349 m2 for every thousand inhabitants.The residential, a record in Catalonia.Real estate investment in the residential sector throughout the Catalan territory has exceeded 670 million euros in the first quarter of 2022, according to data from CBRE.This is the highest figure recorded to date and represents a 10% growth in the volume transacted throughout 2021 (612 million euros).